Pros And Cons Of Procrastination

I was emailing a writer friend and mentioned I needed to write a blog post but kept putting it off because I hadn't decided what to write about. My friend suggested I write a post about procrastination! About ten days later I started the blog post and here it is.

Let's start with a definition of procrastination. says, 'The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.' Sometimes definitions add that the thing being put off is often something a person doesn't want to do.

Now, some people think procrastination is always a bad thing. However, there can be advantages to procrastination.
Pros to procrastination You may end up making a better decision if you don't rush into it. While you are putting off actually doing the thing, you may be considering various options at the back of your mind while you are doing other things. Sometimes the thing doesn't really need to be done. Perhaps th…

Fashion, Style And Clothes

Recently I have been enjoying watching a stack of YouTube videos about current fashions, how to dress if you are a woman over sixty, making more use of the clothes you already own, minimalist wardrobes and all sorts of random videos about clothes and accessories. This is inspiring me to wear some of my clothes differently and try a few new ideas.

Individual approach to clothes
Each individual has different ideas about clothes. Some want to keep up with trends and others have their own style which they are confident in wearing. There are those who view clothing simply as a necessity, something to keep them warm in winter and prevent sunburn in summer.

Everyone has their own budget. While some spend as little as possible on clothes, (sometimes because they have little money)  others are shopaholics with scary credit card debt.  Some set themselves a realistic clothing budget and don't overspend but still have a wardrobe that meets all their clothing needs.

Lifestyle Considerations

Benefits Of A Holiday

I recently went on holiday and stayed with a cousin and her husband on Kangaroo Island. I had booked my travel arrangements early in the year and was looking forward to the catch up. Then COVID 19 hit and it looked like the trip wouldn't happen. When social distancing restrictions were eased the trip was once again possible.

I spent five days away from home and had a wonderful break from my usual routine. Occasionally I am away from home for one or two nights but for me, five nights away is quite a long break. Some people often go on holidays of this length and much longer. When I returned home I was refreshed and found myself thinking about a variety of things in a different way.

I think one of the great benefits of going on a holiday is that you break your usual routine, see different things and think some new thoughts. It is not necessary to go overseas or experience a totally different culture to have some new thoughts although that type of travel certainly does broaden the mind…

Oniomania Has Nothing To Do With Onions

Modern society encourages us to shop, often for items we could manage without. Some use shopping as a social activity. Buying new clothes, furniture or other items can be fun. However, shopping can get way out of control. Some people are compulsive shoppers or shopaholics. They suffer from compulsive shopping disorder, otherwise known as oniomania.
This condition can lead to serious debt and the breakdown of personal relationships. Recent research suggests as many as one in twelve Australian adults have this disorder.
A session of shopping can be a quick fix to deal with an emotional void, being ‘down in the dumps’, feeling unloved or inadequate. Unfortunately, the feeling of elation brought on by the shopping spree will not last. Later the person is likely to feel guilty, depressed and perhaps angry. On top of this they may have fears about the consequences of overspending. These negative feelings may trigger another shopping binge.
Research suggests compulsive shoppers and gamblers ha…

A Time Of No Stress About Money

There was a time in my life when I had no money worries. I didn’t have to think about how I would pay the power bill or insurance premiums. There was more money than I needed in my bank account. No, I didn’t have a high paying job. No, I didn’t have a wealthy husband/partner. No, the time I am writing about is not my childhood, although it's true other people took care of me then and paid for everything.
I was in my late teens and had moved from home to live in a girls’ hostel in Adelaide. I was studying at university. My income was a scholarship supplemented by babysitting. I didn't have many expenses and I never needed to borrow money from anyone.
I shared a room with another student. The showers and toilet facilities were shared by about sixteen of us.  Breakfast and tea was provided and we were allowed to take two slices of bread to make a sandwich to take with us for lunch during the week. On the weekend lunch was provided.  In addition to the main kitchen there was a small …

Handling A Phone Interview For A Job

Have you ever had a job interview over the phone? Did you find it less or more intimidating than a face-to-face interview? What did you do to get yourself in the right emotional place to prepare for the interview?
Many years ago I had a phone interview for a job. I must have managed okay as I got the position. It was strange not to have someone (or more than one person) to talk to face to face. Although interviews make me nervous I would rather have the face to face contact. I like being able to see the person I am talking to so I can judge from their facial expressions and body language if they understand what I am saying. In general, with people I have communicated with over the phone I feel happier if I get the opportunity to meet that person. The next time we converse on the phone I am more relaxed.
Recently a friend had a phone interview for a position. She told me she was feeling a bit uptight beforehand. She knew the interviewer would not be able to see her so she put on a pair o…

What We Feel Gratitude For Changes In Response To The World Around Us

There are many things I feel gratitude for but recently I have become very aware of how changes in the world around me influences what I feel gratitude for. It's May 2020 and COVID19 has caused many changes in our lives. There are things I now feel gratitude for which three months or more ago I didn't think about. There are other things I will feel gratitude for when life returns to some form of normal.

Things I feel gratitude for
I walked into my usual supermarket just before lunch today and saw toilet paper back on the shelves. People weren't grabbing it and throwing it into their shopping trolleys. They were acting as if it was normal to see shelves stocked with 2ply, 3ply, recycled, embossed, plain toilet paper, all sorts of toilet paper. I felt gratitude this every day item is once again readily available.

It is now possible to get ordinary wheat flour, both plain and self raising once again. When I couldn't buy ordinary wheat flour I experimented with coconut flour …