Gardening Makes Me Happy

I enjoy spending time in the garden but to be honest I can’t be bothered with any plants that need to be fussed over. There are so many types which are easy to grow that I can’t see the point in actually stressing over plants when I want to enjoy my time in the garden. Some people do enjoy the challenge of getting a delicate or fussy plant to grow but that's not my style, I prefer things that are simple.

When it comes to veggies and herbs, I plant easy to grow stuff like loose leaf lettuce, rocket, spring onions, chives, basil, parsley, rosemary, silver beet and tomatoes. I grow some things in containers and others directly in the garden.
Every Saturday there is a local produce share. It is held in one of my town's parks. People come along with surplus fruit, herbs, vegetables, seeds, cuttings, pots and similar and share with others. There is a grapefruit tree in my backyard and we don't like grapefruit. However, they won't go to waste because I can share them with frien…

The Stress Of Moving House

I moved house earlier this year. As I have moved house several times over the years, had made plenty of lists and thought I was pretty organised I didn't expect this to cause me too much stress. However, even though nothing major went wrong it has been more stressful than I expected. I have come to the conclusion, no matter how organised I think I am, moving house is a stressful life event. That's a fact I have to accept.
I think when moving house, the degree of stress an individual experiences depends on various factors including - personality attitude to the move whether it is your decision to move length of time spent in the place one is moving from how attached you are to the place you are moving from how you feel about the dwelling you are moving to how you feel about the location you are moving to distance moving whether you are moving alone or with others the amount of furniture and personal 'stuff' you need to move how much money you have available to pay a furn…

5 Ways To Reduce Stress At Christmas

Over the years the way one feels about the Christmas season may change. Perhaps as a child it was a time of great excitement and lots of fun but as an adult one may find it stressful. People speak of Christmas as a time to celebrate with family and friends but for some it is just exhausting, expensive and stressful. Sometimes there are things we can do to take more control of the Christmas season.

10 Tips For Coping With Change

Change can be exciting and exhilarating or downright stressful. Your personality and your attitude to life will influence how you react as well as what is actually involved in the change itself. Coping with change may be a matter of some sensible list making and planning or you may need outside help. Friends and family may be able to offer support, or not. If you are feeling overwhelmed by change that has already happened or upcoming change, professional support from your doctor or a counsellor may be beneficial.

Tips for coping with the stress of change include -
Make sure you get plenty of sleep. It is more difficult to cope with stress if you are tired. In fact it is harder to cope with anything when you haven't had sufficient rest. Even though you are busy, eat a balanced diet and don't skip meals. Keep food for quick and easy meals on hand to avoid resorting to buying takeaway foods. Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, cheese and fruit make quick and easy snacks to keep y…

Music Improves Your Life

As I type this blog I am listening to YouTube music through headphones as is my habit when I write. I vary the music I listen to depending on whether I want something relaxing or feel in need of mental stimulation. I enjoy listening to music at other times, it is one of the simple pleasures which makes life more enjoyable.

Many people spend time each day listening to music, either while they are doing something else or as they relax in their favourite spot. People travelling to work, either in a car or by public transport may listen to music to help the commute go more quickly. Some folk who suffer anxiety find listening to music as they travel on the bus or train helps quell their anxious thoughts.

Many cafes and supermarkets have music playing in the background. It is quite likely there will be music playing in the waiting room at your dentist, doctor or therapist, although sometimes there is a television instead. Soft music is usually chosen to encourage clients to relax before treat…

Finding What Suits You

There are so many ideas about how you should run your life. All around there are articles on how to be happy, what your priorities should be and how to make the best use of your time.

Taking Care Of Yourself By Spending Time With Friends

There are numerous benefits to spending time with those family members and friends you really get on well with. You may hold different opinions and have varying interests but that's okay because a bit of difference can enrich your life. It makes you feel good to spend time with people you like and it is a way of caring for yourself.