Do Less, Enjoy More

Sometimes life is more enjoyable if I do less.                      Image:Marie Vonow

I have chosen to write this from a personal perspective.

There are always plenty of family things that need to be done. Always lots of jobs around the house and I love to spend time in the garden, but weeding does get tedious. I like to be involved in a variety of activities. I enjoy craft, learning new things and talking to people, making new social connections and going places.

It is easy to end up being too busy even though I don't currently have a paid job. From time to time I find myself feeling tired, somewhat frustrated, perhaps overwhelmed and stressed. What can I do about this? What questions do I need to ask myself?

Firstly, am I trying to do too much?
Am I ‘spreading myself too thin’ in an attempt to do lots of different things? The answer is going to be 'yes' if I am feeling overwhelmed.

How can I work out which activities to continue with?
  • Work out which things I really have to do. Sometimes there is no one else to do particular tasks.
  • From the optional activities, give priority to those which bring me most joy.
  • Participate in social activities which bring me pleasure but don’t stress me. I will accept cheaper activities which suit my budget. It means going to activities with a small group as crowds aren't my favourite thing. I will need to turn down some invitations, but that's okay.
How can I do less with those groups/activities I choose to retain?
  • Consider if attending every second meeting of some activities is viable. If so, I can set that as my goal and not feel guilty. I could tell the group I will be at alternate meetings.
  • Avoid taking on a major role in the group.
  • Don’t volunteer to do a particular task unless I honestly have the time and energy to do it. Oh, and ask for details about what the task entails and how much time it will involve before agreeing to take it on.
Advantages of doing less
  • Less stress
  • Less guilt
  • Complete what I do to a higher standard
  • More time for writing
  • More time to walk my dog, which benefits both of us
  • Time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life
  • Save money
  • Perhaps get more sleep

    Modern life tends to get very busy if I don't do a stock take periodically and cut down on the number of things I am trying to get done. It's so important to have time to look around and just breathe.


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